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Kitt Browser
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Kitt is the first iPhone browser
that supports browser extensions.

Personalize your mobile browser™.

Developed by Salsita

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Your favorite browser extensions in the palm of your hand

Ever wonder why you can’t use your ad blocker or password manager or webpage clipper or price comparison extension on your iPhone? Here’s why: no iPhone web browser supports browser extensions. Surprising considering that 85% of Firefox users and 33% of Chrome users have at least one extension installed in their desktop browser.

But now, this is about to change.

Introducing Kitt, the extensible web browser for iPhone

Kitt is the first iPhone browser to offer a full-fledged browser extension framework. In fact, it supports a broad subset of the same popular framework used by Google Chrome, so it's easy to adapt existing Chrome extensions for use on iPhone.

Kitt gives you all the power of desktop browser extensions in the palm of your hand.